2013 Giver of Gifts Volunteer Recognition

September6, 2013

The Noble County Community Foundation, Inc. invites your organization to participate in the 2013 Givers of Gifts Recognition.

Designed to recognize citizens in Noble County who give of themselves extraordinarily.

The Noble County Community Foundation is seeking your help to identify those special non-profit volunteers in our community that make a difference. We see them making a difference every day! A Season of Thanks will soon be here and we should take the time to reflect on what we are thankful for. As part of saying “Thanks”, we would like to help non-profit organizations say

“Thank You” to a special volunteer.

The Noble County Community Foundation wishes to identify and provide recognition to “everyday” citizens in our community who touch the hearts of others.

We have defined “Giver of Gifts” recipients as any person, regardless of age, who enhances the quality of life of someone in Noble County and/or its citizens, or who give of themselves unselfishly to serve with volunteer acts of service and/or kindness beyond the call of duty to non-profit organizations (“non-profit organizations”

does not necessarily mean the organization must hold a 501 (c) 3 status).

When making its choice, the Board of Selectors will take into account whether the nominee: fulfills a need for the non-profit organization and Noble County, renders a service which changes a life, encourages others to volunteer or works to create positive change for the non-profit organization and Noble County.

Many people in today’s busy society say they either don’t take the time or have the time to give of themselves, and then there are some people who continue to exemplify this unselfish type of giving.

We would like to encourage your non-profit organization to nominate someone for the “GIVERS OF GIFTS” recognition.

Nominations are limited to the first 12 qualified nominees.

PLEASE follow these guidelines when writing the nomination letter:

· Please state the reasons why this person fits the description of a “Giver of Gifts”.

· Please type or write clearly.

· Nominees/volunteers should not be paid volunteers unless their services far exceed their compensation. If your nominee is paid/compensated, please explain why services rendered far exceed the compensation.

· Please note that your narrative should be suitable for a public audience and may be made available to local newspapers.

· It is preferred but not necessary your nominee is within your non-profit organization. A nominee must be nominated by/through an organization, club, etc. (not an individual).

· Nominees recognized in prior years Giver of Gifts recognitions are not eligible to be nominated by the same non-profit organization.

· The nominee and nominating organization must serve Noble County.

· A maximum of 2 nominations (2 people) per organization. Limited to the first 12 qualified nominations.

· Be sure to include the following in your one page nomination letter:

1. Giver of Gifts nominee name, address and day/evening phone number/e-mail.

2. Your name and organization’s name, organization’s address and day/evening phone number/e-mail.

Please feel free to include photocopies of letters, clippings or other materials which might help tell your nominee’s story. Please only send copies.

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Be sure your nomination letter is postmarked, faxed or emailed by the deadline date November 1, 2013 or the first 12 qualified nominations received whichever comes first.

Nomination letters should be sent to:

Noble County Community Foundation, Inc.
Attn: Givers of Gifts
1599 Lincolnway South, Ligonier IN 46767
Fax: 260-894-9020
E-mail: jennifer@noblecountycf.org

A short reception will be held at the office of the Noble County Community Foundation to honor the Giver of Gifts recipients on Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 2 p.m.

The Givers of Gifts Recognition is sponsored by Community State Bank.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Shultz at the Noble County Community Foundation at 260-894-3335 or e-mail at jennifer@noblecountycf.org