3 Match Opportunities


August 15, 2023

The Community Foundation of Noble County is excited to share three great opportunities to support your favorite fund and support the good works of the community foundation. The Board of Directors has approved not one but three match opportunities and set aside $100,000 for each of the three matches. The maximum amount matched will be $10k per named organization fund and these opportunities are first come first serve.

• $1 for $1 for gifts made to the Community Impact Fund
• $1 for $1 for gifts made to new and existing endowment funds *Restrictions apply.
• $2 for $1 for gifts made to the Operating Endowment Fund

*Gifts to spendable (‘gifts to cash’) are not eligible. Existing named organization funds, that have more than one fund, are eligible for a maximum of $10k to one named organization fund. The $10k maximum match applies to all new and existing endowment funds.

The match opportunities will begin August 15, 2023, and conclude May 31, 2024, or until the dollars are allocated.

The Community Impact Fund provides support through grants to agencies and organizations that make Noble County a better place to call home. Grant opportunities include non-profit agencies/organizations, and local school districts, area police departments/fire departments and many others. When the Community Impact Fund grows, the more funding available for these non-profit agencies/organizations and schools can be awarded.

New and existing endowment funds serve as support to designated non-profits and scholarships. When the endowment grows for these funds so does the distribution. Existing named organization/agency funds are encouraged to grow their endowment support. If you are interested in starting a new endowment fund to support your favorite cause, contact Margarita White at Margarita@CFNoble.org or 260.894.3335.

The Community Foundation’s Operating Endowment Fund supports the operating budget of the Foundation. This funding ensures the foundation can continue to provide staffing to oversee the grantmaking processes, scholarship management, financial prudence, leadership, and youth philanthropy that has been provided over the last 32 years.

Donors and fund representatives are asked to consider a gift to grow the endowment funds that make Noble County a better place to call home. Your generosity, in any amount, makes a difference in Noble County.

To give online visit CFNoble.org/donate or mail a check to Community Foundation of Noble County, PO Box 210, Ligonier IN 46767.

By working together, with everyone contributing what they can, a greater good is achieved.