Non-Profit Appreciation

The Community Foundation of Noble County hosted a nonprofit appreciation event on Thursday, June 27, at the 5C Barns in Albion. Approximately 120 individuals representing over 50 nonprofit organizations attended. Guests were welcomed by Jazmin Herrera, Program Director at CFNC, who shared her family’s gratitude for the support and resources they received when her younger sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 11. This experience deeply influenced Jazmin’s decision to pursue a master’s degree in nonprofit administration.

The keynote speaker, Gary Gatman, a Noble County community leader, spoke about the wonderful experiences and resources provided by Noble County’s nonprofit sector and highlighted the friendliness of the community through the eyes of his grandchild. Gary expressed his gratitude to the nonprofits for their dedication and hard work, acknowledging that their countless hours of effort provide essential support and benefits to those they serve.

The event concluded with the drawing of two $1,000 grants to the charity of the recipients’ choice. Congratulations to Jennifer Steffey and Rose Benjamin.

The next grant deadline is coming up on July 2. Reach out to to learn about grant opportunities offered.