Scholarships Online – Helpful Information

Scholarship Applicants – When completing the scholarship application(s) through the Community Foundation of Noble County, you will notice in the instructions below (instructions #3, #4, #5) you must complete the Common Application. This is the “master application” that collects your high school performance, career/college information, school activities, three required essays and two references. By completing this Common Application, the system will link your ID number to the scholarships you wish to submit. It is okay if you complete or already have completed the named scholarship applications prior to completing the Common Application also titled below “2018 Common Application – COMPLETE THIS FIRST”. As noted in the instructions, you must complete the 2018 Common Application (and all other scholarships) by midnight Jan. 31, 2018. The Common Application referred to in our scholarship software system should not be confused with the Common Application used to apply to colleges.

Note in the instructions and in the 2018 Eligibility Quiz, the 2018 Common Application – COMPLETE THIS FIRST is listed along with the named scholarships. Anyone who takes the Eligibility Quiz who is not matched with any scholarships, can still complete the 2018 Common Application.