May – Don’t Get In A Jam

Dear Friends,  

You are a big part of creating a recipe for a great tomorrow in Noble County. As a donor, you are making a mark that can’t be erased. This is part of your legacy that will never be forgotten because a legacy is the one thing that outlives us all.

I often think of some of the recipes that have been passed down by my grandma for generations—Old-Fashioned Apple Pie, Homemade Chicken and Noodles, and Strawberry Jam. Do you have any of those recipes saved for prosperity on the original yellowing paper showcasing the faded and smudged ornate penmanship? That’s a legacy—a heartwarming, delicious legacy.

Giving through your will is another way to establish your family’s legacy. Unfortunately, only 46% of adults in America currently have a will in place—that equates to thousands of people in Noble County alone. You don’t want the court to determine what happens to your money, your belongings, and your legacy, do you? This can put undue stress and heartache on your family while they are still grieving your loss. Planning ahead, and crafting a will now, is the solution to this problem; yet the majority of Americans never do this.

As a generous donor, we want you to consider creating a will as a gift to your loved ones. Making those decisions today will make your wishes crystal clear when the time comes. And, while you’re thinking about your legacy, it’s simple to allocate just 5% of your estate to the Community Foundation of Noble County designated for an endowment named in honor of your family. Think about it, won’t you?


Like the tattered and torn recipes of days gone by, your legacy lives on. Don’t get in a jam by waiting too long, contact me today,

Brad Graden, Executive Director and Donor

P.S. I’d be happy to send you an Estate Planning Guide to make Leaving Your Legacy even easier for you. Just call me!