April – Give It Twice

Dear Friends, 

There’s nothing like comfort food around the holidays. Aren’t potatoes the most delish and nutrish of all the carbs? We think so! And we hope you’ll enjoy this Twice Baked Potato Casserole recipe—it tastes so nice, you bake it twice! 🥔🥔

We’re really getting into recipes of all kinds this year at the Community Foundation. It’s a personal mission to create a recipe for a greater tomorrow—and you can help! Here’s how…

Generous people like you frequently ask us how they can provide income for their children and also make a gift to the Community Foundation of Noble County. That’s where the Give It Twice Trust comes in!

At death, this popular giving tool allows you to transfer your IRA (or other asset) to fund a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) for a specified term of years that you get to decide. The choice is yours!

For the years that you designate, your family receives the income first. Then, the balance of the trust can be directed to the Community Foundation of Noble County. Thus, the name—Give It Twice Trust—first you give it to your family, then you give the remainder to charity. It’s a gift so nice, you give it twice!

 The Benefits are twofold (see a theme, here?)

 You can continue taking care of your surviving spouse and/or children with the unused portion of your retirement account for the allotted time you designate.

  1. You can create an estate tax deduction and savings from this charitable gift by supporting the work of the

Community Foundation of Noble County.

It’s like regular giving, but twice as good! Contact me today and I’ll help you leave your charitable legacy,

Brad Graden, Executive Director and Donor